Baltic Porters were originally brewed for export across the North Sea in the 18th century. These brews have a robust flavour profile akin to other rich and flavour forward styles of beer but they stand alone with a cleaner finish by using lager yeast.

When we first brewed a Baltic Porter in 2013 the brewers stashed some away and kept drinking it long after the last bottles had vacated the premises. When we ran out we made some more. In 2014 we won a Bronze Canadian Beer Award in the category and are excited that people enjoy it as much as we do. This time around we used a little more rye, but for the most part stuck to the same recipe. Brewed with roasted and caramel malts Vorago has rich dried dark fruit and chocolate notes smoothed out by a two month lagering. It’s ready to drink today but will age for up to three years.

With Demon Host Black Rye IPA still in the fridge we encourage you to try both side by side to compare two different styles of beer brewed with rye.

Vorago – Rye Baltic Porter – 8.2% ABV, 23 IBU / $6.95 in 650mL bottles
Available at 45 Esandar & 245 Queens Quay on Thursday February 23rd at 5pm
P.S. If you ordered a Brew Box for the month of March you will be receiving a bottle!