This Saturday we’re pleased to announce the return of Reserve Saison to the fridge.

Reserve Saison has been as been a fantastic opportunity for us to apply 5 years of barrel aging experience to one beer. The brewers recently got together for a taste panel to find the perfect blend. The result is a blend of beers aged for 3 months to 3 years. Subtle barnyard aromas support an intruiging mix of stone fruit and berries. The flavour is delicate, with a hint of rye, drying out to a slightly bitter finish, with a refreshing acidity, that is above all satisfying.

Availability – 45 Esandar and 245 Queens Quay at 11am on Saturday January 21st while supplies last

About the beer – $11.95 / 7.5%ABV / 19IBUs / 650ML bottle