Foreign Extra Stouts were traditionally brewed with a extra hit of hops to help preserve freshness as the beer travelled by ship to colonies around the world. This style of beer may be hop forward in its production but by using roasted barley and malt, a deep and rich beer with a slight dryness results. Foreign Extra Stout is a exciting beer to drink and one not often brewed by local brewers. It’s very drinkable at 6.5% with a distinct character that continues to build with each sip.

It’s the second time we’ve brewed Nautilus with our friends BarHop bar who we always have a blast collaborating and sharing a few pint with. So in the true spirit of collaboration, we will be tapping the first keg at BarHop at 391 King St. West (just east of Spadina) on Thurs Feb 2nd at 5:30pm. Bottles will be in our retail stores on Friday afternoon.

See you there!